Essen Vision began operations in 1995. Since then, we have been defending clients from digital threats while ensuring a minimal impact on our client’s businesses. Today our portfolio is built upon a strong defense creation process that adapts to the needs of diverse organisations encompassing the use of technology, inventive thinking and advanced threat intelligence.

Our 4 pillar structure – Design, Consult, Implement, and Manage encompasses our delivery approach, through which we implement our intelligence driven services to help businesses in critical scenarios. This structure has been refined over decades and has led to success for clients in various fields . Viewing ourselves as partners rather than simple salesmen, our approach is built to ensure complete transparency and trust when dealing with your data

Backed by two decades of experience, we have helped businesses to successfully predict cyberattacks and use a smart adaptive mechanism to eliminate threats. We have also consistently provided highly specialised services like risk and strategic consultancy. We provide cyber risk mitigation strategies via investigative intelligence to both national and International clients with an unmatched level of quality and professionalism.

Having a passionate team of consultants, implementers, operators, analysts and partners across the globe, each one brings with them, the highest level of expertise, that comprises domain experience and multidimensional skills. This repertoire of knowledge has facilitated exponential growth for us and our clients.


Nityanand Shetty

Founder & CEO

Beginning his career in enterprise security and support in 1989, Nityanand Shetty decided to venture out on his own upon realising the increasing need for digital security. A tenured visionary of the industry, Nitya has ensured Essen Vision has grown and evolved with the constantly dynamic cybersecurity sector. Under his leadership, the company has won numerous awards and accolades for best services making him one of the sought after names in digital security today.

Seema Shetty

Founder & CFO

A visionary and out-of-the-box thinking businesswoman, Seema Shetty has found practical solutions and practises to ensure Essen Vision’s continued success. Semma has single handedly overseen and overcome numerous finance and HR challenges to enable Essen Vision to complete projects in over 13 countries.  She was a territory manager, managing multichannel sales and systems engineering support functions, for Quantum Pvt. Ltd before leaving to found Essen Vision.

Ronny Ferrao


Ronny Ferrao, has had an illustrious career spanning for more than two decades. Starting his career in the support department before quickly being promoted to sales, Ronny’s dedication to his clients led to his appointment as Head of Business Development. Well versed in every solution in Cyber security, Ronny manages the support and sales team, vendors and distributor relations, enterprise clients and operations. Having trained several important figures in the Indian Cyber security industry himself, Ronny has also helped Essen Vision receive numerous awards and accolades that have been instrumental in company’s growth.

Vaibhav Chaudhari

Practise Head – Cyber Security

Vaibhav’s vision enables Essen Vision to deploy security solutions that meet the highest industry standards. Trained, Certified and Specialised in the areas of Data Protection, Cyber Soc Consulting, Network security controls, SIEM, CASB, and user behaviour analysis, Vaibhav Chaudhari, heads the services division at EssenVision. Vaibhav joined Essen Vision as a security specialist in 2008. Certified in all DLPs and SIEM tools, he has tried and tested every solution in various customer domains and specialises in the domains of his expertise are Banks, Govt, ITES, and Insurance. His experience includes 8 cyber defence centres, 15 large and complex Data Protection engagements, 2 large CASB deployments and 10 network security deployments worldwide including large banks.


We believe the adage ‘Winning takes talent, but to win repeatedly takes character’.

Behind every achievement, there is meticulous planning and the collective efforts of the  Essen Vision Team. Hence every honour for our achievements in the form of awards is very special to us.. For more than two decades Essen Vision has won numerous awards, the latest of which are Best Security Specialist Award from SME channels, Best Information Security Partner from Western India Information Technology, Best Partner (Information Security) from VARINDIA, Most impactful Tech leader Award, CRN Excellence Award and Top 100 VARS Award amongst many others.


Global Experience

Our systematic approach in the last 23 years has led us to completing projects in more than 13 countries, with our head office in the financial capital of India; Mumbai. The expanse of our work speaks for itself with more than 500 mid-size customers and more than 5-year relationship with over 100 customers across the globe. Essen Vision employs a dedicated team of 43 professionals specialising in Technical and Marketing skills in the Information Technology Industry. Of these, a core team of 21 executives specialise only in Security Products. Today Essen Vision has strategic alliances in a myriad of cities and remote locations to cater to our global clientele’s support requirements.

Domain Expertise