VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing. It is a security testing to identify security vulnerabilities in an application, network, endpoint, and cloud. Both the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing have unique strengths and are often collectively done to achieve complete analysis.

GAP Assessment

A security gap assessment is a thorough analysis of an organisation’s security defenses. It’s purpose is to highlight the ‘gaps’ between their current state of security and their desired state, taking specific industry standards into account.

Technology Operations

Technology Operations in cybersecurity references the software, hardware, practices, personnel, and services deployed to protect operational technology infrastructure, people, and data.

Data Protection Awareness

Data protection refers to protecting an organization’s assets, and also the organization’s responsibility to protect personal information about others that they collect and store. Data protection is mainly about preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information. Essen Vision can conduct seminars to help make employees aware of their role in data protection and help lower IT costs.

Phishing Simulation Exercises

Phishing simulation is a program that organizations can use to send realistic phishing email to employees in order to gauge their awareness of attacks and what to do with phishing emails when they receive them.

Incident Monitoring

Incident monitoring is the process of identifying threats by actively monitoring assets and finding anomalous activity. Once a threat is detected, appropriate actions are taken to neutralize the threat (if it is an active threat at the time of the response) and investigate the incident.

Resource Augmentation

Cybersecurity staff augmentation essentially works by supplementing IT departments with security advisors who can be called upon to come in and assess a situation that goes beyond the basics of what the company’s cybersecurity team can handle. Cybersecurity staff augmentation works by partnering with the IT departments to test and remediate a number of things, such as: network firewalls, specific cybersecurity risks, security tools, and even updating company policies. 

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Essen Vision can conduct seminars about the basics of cyber security and the best practices for employees and management to follow to optimize the IT tools being used.