An increase in the number of cyber threats has led to a tremendous rise in the overall Market capital that cyber security is holding these days.But are the existing solutions really enough to cater the needs of Company  ?

The answer is definitely no because no matter how much we try to secure ourselves, the attackers will find a single loophole and take away all that you have been treasuring since long.When it comes to cyber attacks, the attackers try to find a single penetration path to enter your network and create backdoors that often are missed by solutions already residing in our network .

So what if we create a dummy network , before letting the outside requests to enter our own network ?

All the requests coming from an outside IP  can be redirected to a Network packet analyzer that can analyse the traffic’s source and can create an entry of it in it’s cache. If Multiple requests arrive from this IP spontaneously and no alert is still triggered, all the systems in the network receiving data from this can be contained for a while.

Parallelly, these requests can be redirected to a dummy network which is completely isolated from the Home network. This network may comprise of next gen systems that will utilise these packets and study the behaviour on themselves.Based on these analysis, the requests can be completely rejected by the Network analyzer.This has to happen within fraction of seconds because we cannot tolerate delays in the Network traffic until it reaches the destination.

An idea can provoke an invention.

This is indeed today’s need because we cannot risk our efforts we’ve putting in since ages to lose our assets by just one wrong step !