With a tremendous increase in the number of data breaches happening every year, Cyber security is being an eye catcher and is definitely found at the top of Company’s worry list. With tremendous technologies emerging out as a solution to the existing problems, the attackers have left no stone unturned in bringing out yet new other techniques to be a throat choker to the existing security solutions.

While we deploy “n” number of solutions to safeguard and protect our network from the attacker’s eye, we often fail to address one key challenge that can act as yet another link to breach us.

That’s your Mobile phone.

People have literally become prisoners of their phones these days that even a minute without it , seems like a big deal to them and why not ? It has eased our access to all the applications we need on a day-to-day basis right from mailing to having getting important transactions through your account done at just a finger click. Nearly all workers now routinely access corporate data from smartphones, and that means keeping sensitive info out of the wrong hands is an increasingly intricate puzzle

But recent studies have found that your Mobile phones are an easy weapon for the attacker to attack on you. It can act as an entry point in your network and this is all an attacker wants from you.

Having a solutions linked to your wi-fi that scans your mobile devices for any malware would be such a relief. We can think of deploying a software on our mobile devices as well as Corporate Network Wi-Fis that can run through your browser history and check for any malicious link. (Still keeping your history unrevealed) A centralised server can keep contacting some third party webiste that gives you details of all the virus definitions updated till date and check for websites with any potential threats and isolate and clean your cell Рphones before connecting to the corporate network. You can term this as mobile patching mechanism that will patch in and fix all the known threats. In case of an unknown threat, this software can restrict your cell phone fromn getting connected to the corporate netrwork until the threats which are suspected to be threats are cleaned up

There are many foreseen risks that can emerge out once this weak link is captured. Think about the above risk of Wi-Fi interference with unpatched phones and multiply it by the total number of employees in your workplace, and think about the layers of likely exposure points that are rapidly adding to your risks.

It’s so true that the Supreme art of war is to subdue your enemy without fighting. Getting breached and paying ransome to get hold of your own data sounds foolish to me. Why not secure it in the first place by addressing every weak link so that we win it daily without having to fight for it ?

Think about it!