Computer is a most illiterate subject in this world because it understands only 0 & 1. But at the same time it is most intelligent because its capable of Containing, Defining, Describing, Analyzing each and every information in this world. When this 0 & 1 enters into the cyber space it retains it’s individual identity about it’s source, type and destination.

This information itself is a great challenge when it comes to securing in the hands of intended users.

Now the journey of BITS has travelled a long way and attended the state of QBITS. This milestone has given enormous thought process to have paradigm shift. This will not only make most of the technologies obsolete but also makes the world wide web of the cyber space redundant. This is opening the new  era of co-existence of ON and OFF simultaneously teleportation true infinity and end to end reversability. Like the change particles of hydrogen and chlorine,the QBITS will recharge the computing innovative process in days to come. Still there will be no replacement of human-ware because ultimately it is the master of slave(computer)  and it needs to have continuous desimination of information because awareness is journey to attain Secure State.